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Acclerating Cultures of Excellence for Healthcare + Business

Are you ready for your organization to accomplish the following in 90 days?

  • Break free of status quo thinking and empower leaders to manage more effectively

  • Advance employee engagement

  • Accelerate patient satisfaction scores

  • Create exceptional patient experiences

  • Improve performance so it creates sustainable and measurable success

  • Develop processes and behaviors to combat apathy and complacency

  • Create organizational cultures which are defined by excellence, engagement and pride and owned throughout the organization

Aspen Dental - August 18th, 2017

"The speed at which your organization changes is as telling of your future failure or success, as your ability to create the change in the first place."

-Chip Madera, MS, CSP

Real Client Results


Phase 1: Assessment
Month 1

Review current standards and create plan for participation and engagement.

Phase II: Implementation Month 2

Create Training modules to become performance standards.

Phase III: Sustainability Months 3-6

Onsite visits and coaching with low performing departments/leaders.

Phase IV: Transformation Month 7

Expect to see big changes. Chip will work with you to establish consistency and advancement of all corporate initiatives.

Phase V: Transfer

This is the transition and hand-off to your internal team. You have learned sustainable ways to encourage growth.

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