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If you’re looking for a motivational, engaging and hilarious keynote speaker for your next meeting, look no further! Chip Madera, MS, CSP has been helping individuals and organizations LEAD with BOLDNESS for over two decades now. He possesses the platform experience and leadership know how to make your next event a huge success.

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Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences: Every Customer . . . Every Time

Designed for both Leadership and Staff Audiences

The customer experience has become a game changer. Never before in the history of business has the perspectives, needs and opinions of customers meant more to bottom line profits. This keynote highlights the three outcomes your organization has in common with world-class brands like Disney, Southwest and Zappos. Your audience will laugh and cry as Chip shares powerful stories about the attributes professionals must demonstrate to create amazing experiences for your customers to gain their trust and lifetime loyalty. Your team will leave inspired and ready to deliver behaviors that will manifest positive impact on your culture, your engagement and your brand.

Courageous Leadership: Leadership Roles That Engage Employees, Foster Change and Inspire High Performance

Designed for Leadership Audiences

One of the characteristics of the current business climate is uncertainty. Technology, limited resource and growing customer and employee expectations can seem a bit overwhelming. Yet, uncertainty creates an unprecedented opportunity to lead. When people feel clueless, they are desperate for trusted leadership who can guide them through the chaos. This powerful keynote can be customized to address the exact needs of your audience.

There are several roles leaders must master to deliver on the expected outcomes and high demands of business today. Pick two or three roles from this smorgasbord of options:

Making Change Your Friend

Designed for Leadership and Staff Audiences

One of the things that is constant in today’s world of business is change! Successful organizations not only learn how to flex and adapt but to embrace change as a welcomed friend. In this keynote, Chip explores the three reasons why people change, the perpetual cycle of change, the technology for accelerating change and motivational techniques for moving people through challenging times. Your team will be inspired to press on toward the future with confidence and courage as they discover strategies for fostering change, overcoming barriers and leading with confidence.

Mirrors, Glasses & Gauges: Strategies for Excelling at Life and Work

Designed for Leadership and Staff Audiences

Everyone wants to be successful and yet, for many, success seems to be just out of reach. This personal development keynote will guide each person in your audience through the elements that define their “Who-ness.” (That’s a word Chip and Dr. Seuss put together) From Chip’s heart-warming story as a cancer survivor, along with his comical down-to-earth style, your audience will thoroughly enjoy this program from beginning to end. Get inspired to take your life and profession to a whole new level.

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